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It was in  MAURITIUS this year 2012 Prophet Josh prophesied over the life of a brother who had major heart attacks and the doctor report for him was 25 percent of heart capacity and no garuntee for time left for him to live. In one of the meetimgs Prophet Josh called that brother out and told him I SAW A SWORD OVER YOUR HEART, YOU ARE A HEART PATIENT, YOUR LIFETIME IS AT STAKE BUT DON'T WORRY YOU HAVE MANY YEARS MORE TO LIVE. That brother is my dad, Brother Antoine Seedeeal 62 years old, and PRAISE TO GOD HE IS STILL ALIVE, HEALTHY AND SO MANY YEARS TO LIVE MORE IN JESUS NAME! The same man who used to say I AM WAITING WHEN MY DEATH WILL KNOCK AT MY DOOR IS NOW LIVING HIS LIFE PRAISING GOD AND BLESSING Prophet Joshua Soobramoney!

From Charismatic church of Pastor Vishal Teeluck in Mauritius

Varun Seedeeal

Harvest Time Family Church is a church with a high calling to balance out heaven and earth, in our lives and in our society.Our vision is to reach the unsaved and share the Word of God in keeping with scriptures of the Bible.

(Matthew 28:19)

Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit:teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.(ASV)

Our goal as a church coincides with the desperate plight of our suffering and broken world .We endeavour through our Faith in God, to assist at our absolute uttermost in whatever way possible. We are a body of believers who come together to study the Word of God; building the body by providing spiritual and physical food.Always maintaining to equip the saints of God with the valuable ammunition of the word and the practical teachings of Jesus Christ. We strongly believe in buying a man a rod and teaching him how to fish, rather than providing him with fish for the rest of his life

Our ministries extend from the little children whom Jesus loved so much to the adult and aged. Mindful of  our ambition of being relevant to the complete MAN, we maintain a loving children's church, a vibrant youth club, a strong women's ministry, a powerful intercessory team,and a solid bible study ministry. Our very caring welfare team will go the extra mile in literally serving Godís people.We also host a very special VIPs ministry taking care of all the aged, giving them back what they have invested into life and society.Taking us into the Holies of Holies during our services is our well organised and gifted praise and worship team .They set the ambiance for the prophetic edge and the downpour of the Holy Ghost.

Our aspiration is to EDUCATE, EDIFY and ELEVATE!!

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